Caring for Gamefowl is a long and tedious job that requires your full-time attention. If you do not have the heart for it, DO NOT!.

Gamefowl are not like other chickens. The roosters HAVE TO be penned individually  or they will kill each other. Gamecocks are Natural fighter and will fight to the death with or with you being there. Gamecocks do not set up pecking orders.

The Gamecock is an ancient and noble bird. They come in all colors, some come with Muffs, and Toppies, you have pea comb, straight comb, and you have yellow, white, green, blue legged, Gamecocks. There is a Gamecock for everyone.

There is a lot of false information put out about the Gamecock by the Hsus and other animal right groups. The best place to get information is from the people who have devoted their lives to the Gamecock not from groups trying to destroy the gamecock.

This blog hopes to help those wanting to get started in Gamefowl, by giving them a place to get true information about the Gamecock and its care.


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